Preparing the Ldoll 2020 !

Unfortunately, the Ldoll festival won’t take place on next october, 24-25th in Villeurbanne (France)… that’s such a bad news ! The sanitary situation complicated most of things this year… I’m so sad not to attend this festival as it’s always a pleasure to meet and talk with all the people i can not see very often !…

Anyway, i worked very hard to offer you some varied things for sale ! 🙂 For this last Ldoll, i wanted to offer not only dolls, but also clothes ! That’s why i began to work on clothes designs this summer : a short overall with a crop top, shorts, tunic, stockings, spats and snood. I also planned to make a dress, but no need to create one as Tirin & Katen made a wonderful dress that i love and works so well on Novgorod in the exact style i wanted ! The spats and snood were quite easy to do, but i spent hours for the other clothes to achieve a nice shape !

I also set myself a challenge : offer shoes ! Indeed, i didn’t have any money or time enough to find the right shoes for Novgorod, so it would be better to do it by myself too 🙂 I did my favorite design : leather boots <3 So there will be some pairs available especially with the full customised dolls !

The clothes will be Novgorod and Absinthe sized only (except for stocking and shoes that are only for Novgorod^^). I hope you will enjoy the result !!

I also did some wigs for the full customised dolls available for sale to show you different styles on Novgorod 🙂 Her head is not that big (she wears 5″-6″) and this size is not easy to find. And when you find some, the haircuts are … not that nice !! >__< So, as for the shoes, let’s make them myself, even if it’s more work for the show !! Well, i hope you will enjoy them too 🙂


For your information, there will be 4 fullset dolls for sale : a dark grey with overalls, a butter with shorts and tunic, a cream with a dress and a milk tea with a dress too. Some of them are at the moment in the hands of Koala Krash for make up ! So you sill have to be patient to see them all !!


All my work (i mean clothes, fullset dolls and some stuffs ; the blank novgorod and pollen are available for sale now, just send me an email) for Ldoll will be for sale on october, 24th, as initially planned (i will tell you the exact time). Indeed, i really need more time to finish the online shop, time to receive the fullset dolls, make some pictures, put everything on my site… so much to do ! A week is not too much XD My wish is to sell via my online shop, but if things go wrong, i will sell my things on instagram and facebook . I will let you know about any change of course and i will show you more about my work in the coming days. The cancelation of the Ldoll makes things more difficult but i’m very happy to see that many of you are so enthusiastic and curious ! Thank you again for your support and patience !!

As there are just a few clothes to sell, it will be possible to made to order any clothes that will be sold out (according to the fabric availability and with a small production time of course). If you need more informations about it, please don’t hesitate to ask me !