I sometimes sell creations or dolls in my Etsy shop, don’t hesitate to have a look at it !


I don’t have a real shop for dolls and sculptures, so if there is something available that interests you, just send me an email ! I accept cash, french cheques and paypal, and i take layaways.


  • On my booth during a show

For the moment, you can see and buy my dolls during the Ldoll festival that takes place in Lyon, France, in october, or during the Paris Fashion Doll festival that takes place in Paris, France, in march. Anyway, if i attend any festival, it will be noticed on my site home, on my facebook page or on my blog.



  • During a pre-order period

You can buy a doll only in reserving your place during a pre-order period. I open a pre-order period on a date i choose, then you have to send me an email so that you can book for a doll. Once your place is reserved, you have to deposit a non-refundable down payment to confirm your order. I then make the dolls depending on the orders order or according to customisations asked (more or less complicated). I try my best to keep people informed about the dolls process, but as i’m alone to make dolls, i often have too many things to do, so don’t worry if i take time to answer ! ^__^

Waiting list : further to a high demand, i’ve open a waiting list for BJDs dolls. You can be added to that list by sending me an email precising the doll you want and the color you wish. This list allow people to buy a doll if someone decide to quit the pre-order list. If i have time and if the molds are still in good conditions, i can make more dolls, but this list doesn’t garantee a doll for every person on the list. (As i’m alone to make dolls, i can not accede to every demands) That’s why this list can be closed at any time if there are too many orders.

Beware : pre-order periods are only valid for BJDs !


  •  Creations made to order

I take customised orders for sculptures, don’t hesitate to contact me for further information !