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Absinthe pre order

Hi there !

I’m opening a pre order period for Absinthe from 8th, 8.00am to 20th, 23.59pm february 2019 ! 🙂 (France time)


Available color : green

Doll blank : 490€

Make up option (head) : 90€

Make up option (hands) : 30€

(make up option based on your color choice basic make up, no specific demands)

Absinthe comes with a random pair of eyes (16mm), a box and a certificate.

More infos on Absinthe here.

Layaway available (x4 parts maximum) ; payment via paypal only for international customers. Sending with assurance and tracking worldwide.

Time production : about 3 or 4 months from the end of pre order period.

+ To reserve your doll +

Please send a mail to mewiefish@gmail.com indicating your name, surname, adress and the option choosen for your doll (make up option or not, if so, what color). If you choose the layaway option, you will have to pay a non refundable deposit to validate your order 🙂

Thank you !

informations about 2nd pre order for mini bactro

hi everybody !
Some informations about the second mini bactro pre order !

Please read carefully !!

First of all, sorry to be late for the second mini bactro order, it was planned for december, but i actually received the first mini bactro batch in january, so all my shcedule was postponed ! >__< I’ve been so busy from january, i do all my best for the second batch to be ordered as soon as possible. Thank you again for your patience ! 

So, the people who are on the waiting list are, of course, taken into account for the second pre order. Please just do confirm that you’re still in.
– if you changed your mind and you don’t want to order anymore, please let me know !
– if you changed your mind about the color or the number of dolls, please let me know too ! Once the dolls are ordered, it’s not possible to change your choices.
– for the people interested in the second pre order, please wait for the opening dates of the second batch 

If you have to contact me, please use only on my gmail adress (mewiefish[at]gmail.com) and not on my facebook page !

I’m still waiting informations from Haru to open the second batch. I think it will open within 10 days, stay tuned !! 
Thank you again !!

Doll rendez-vous show

Hello everybody!

I’ll have a booth at the Doll rendez-vous show in Paris on december, 6th ! Come to see me at n°8 ! 🙂

On my booth, i’ll sell a very limited serie of Pollen in 2 new colors : dark grey and blue grey. I’ll have only 3 dolls for each color and one doll with make up in each color.

I’ll also have a few Pollen in white skin and blue skin in very limited quantities.





Two new Mr radish root ^__^



You’ll also find some monsters tubes and some new “tree tubes” 🙂



I’ll sell some sculptures too and kamuts, and also the last two feldspathes ! I won’t produce them anymore after this week so if you want one, don’t miss them ! 🙂


Oh there’s something else but i let you wait until tomorrow !! 🙂

Don’t hesitate to come to see me on the booth, even if you just have a look or to talk, it’s always great to talk with people !! So don’t be shy !! <3

See you on sunday !! ^__^

shows for 2014

hello !

A quick message to inform you that you can find my dolls and creations during 2 shows this year.

– From 1st to 4th, october, you can find some of my creations on a booth shared with russian doll makers at the XI International Doll Show in Moscow. (more informations to come !) Don’t hesitate to come and have a look at the booth !! 🙂

This is their facebook page link but it’s only russian 🙂


– Then, on 6th, december, you will find me at the Doll Rendez-vous in Paris. I’ll put more informations soon (location and what you can find on my booth).

More informations on their facebook page 🙂


Don’t hesitate to come and have a look or talk to me, it’s always funny and interesting to meet people during these doll shows ! 😉

See you soon !

Pollen pre-order

Hi !

After a long thinking period and some bad issues about health and other stuffs, i’m happy to announce that i’m opening a small pre order for 5 Pollen in white skin and 5 Pollen in blue skin ! ^___^

The pre-order will be open on july, 17th, at 6 pm (french hour).

Please note that i won’t accept any message or order before this date ! Every message i will receive before 6pm on 17th july won’t be taken into account. Thank you for your understanding 🙂

(More informations about Pollen on her page.)

PO pollen2


– Send me an email at mewiefish[at]gmail.com (replace the [at] by @) with this title “preorder pollen” and with the pre-order form filled (download it here).

Price : 400€ + shipping

A deposit of 100€ non refundable is necessary to reserve the doll.

Each doll will come with:

– a pair of eyes (random color)

– a box + certificate

Option available :

– face make up or/and body blush

–  2 parts layaway (100€ for the deposit on july, 17th and then 2x 150€ on august, 17th and september, 17th)

Estimated delivery date: october 2015.

Payment trough Paypal only.

(Shipping charges will be added to the last payment.)

If i have too many reservations, i’ll open a waiting list for a future pre order, so don’t hesitate to send me your order even if you are not available at the exact time, maybe you’ll be on a next pre order.


However, these dolls won’t be artist casts as i decided to call on a factory’s services for this pre order.

I’ve decided to work with a factory for several reasons : first i had too many troubles to cast pollen’s head, i had many bubbles and loose time in casting so i couldn’t face orders ; secondly my workspace is really small and not very practical and that’s very tiring so i can not work with pleasure when i’m in a rush ; and finally i don’t want to work with toxic materials anymore or at least avoid to the maximum to work with toxic things (as it’s not very good for my health as i could noticed  it i want to preserve it). So in the future, i wish i could offer factory dolls and artist casts in other materials than resin. The positive point is that the price of factory’s dolls will be lower than artist cast 😉 I hope you’ll understand this choice ! ^__^

Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me !

thanks ! ^0^

Last orders for Feldspathe and Ambroise dolls

Hello !

I decided to take a few orders for the Feldspathe and Ambroise dolls. I’ll take only 6 orders !

feld ambrVC

The interested people can contact me and indicate the name of the doll they want, the color of the skin and make up desired.

Beware: there will be the last orders for these models ! I would like to go on with my other projects and make new things like my  new doll Pollen.

Merci ! ^__^