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Doll rendez-vous show

Hello everybody!

I’ll have a booth at the Doll rendez-vous show in Paris on december, 6th ! Come to see me at n°8 ! 🙂

On my booth, i’ll sell a very limited serie of Pollen in 2 new colors : dark grey and blue grey. I’ll have only 3 dolls for each color and one doll with make up in each color.

I’ll also have a few Pollen in white skin and blue skin in very limited quantities.





Two new Mr radish root ^__^



You’ll also find some monsters tubes and some new “tree tubes” 🙂



I’ll sell some sculptures too and kamuts, and also the last two feldspathes ! I won’t produce them anymore after this week so if you want one, don’t miss them ! 🙂


Oh there’s something else but i let you wait until tomorrow !! 🙂

Don’t hesitate to come to see me on the booth, even if you just have a look or to talk, it’s always great to talk with people !! So don’t be shy !! <3

See you on sunday !! ^__^

Pollen pre-order

Hi !

After a long thinking period and some bad issues about health and other stuffs, i’m happy to announce that i’m opening a small pre order for 5 Pollen in white skin and 5 Pollen in blue skin ! ^___^

The pre-order will be open on july, 17th, at 6 pm (french hour).

Please note that i won’t accept any message or order before this date ! Every message i will receive before 6pm on 17th july won’t be taken into account. Thank you for your understanding 🙂

(More informations about Pollen on her page.)

PO pollen2


– Send me an email at mewiefish[at]gmail.com (replace the [at] by @) with this title “preorder pollen” and with the pre-order form filled (download it here).

Price : 400€ + shipping

A deposit of 100€ non refundable is necessary to reserve the doll.

Each doll will come with:

– a pair of eyes (random color)

– a box + certificate

Option available :

– face make up or/and body blush

–  2 parts layaway (100€ for the deposit on july, 17th and then 2x 150€ on august, 17th and september, 17th)

Estimated delivery date: october 2015.

Payment trough Paypal only.

(Shipping charges will be added to the last payment.)

If i have too many reservations, i’ll open a waiting list for a future pre order, so don’t hesitate to send me your order even if you are not available at the exact time, maybe you’ll be on a next pre order.


However, these dolls won’t be artist casts as i decided to call on a factory’s services for this pre order.

I’ve decided to work with a factory for several reasons : first i had too many troubles to cast pollen’s head, i had many bubbles and loose time in casting so i couldn’t face orders ; secondly my workspace is really small and not very practical and that’s very tiring so i can not work with pleasure when i’m in a rush ; and finally i don’t want to work with toxic materials anymore or at least avoid to the maximum to work with toxic things (as it’s not very good for my health as i could noticed  it i want to preserve it). So in the future, i wish i could offer factory dolls and artist casts in other materials than resin. The positive point is that the price of factory’s dolls will be lower than artist cast 😉 I hope you’ll understand this choice ! ^__^

Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me !

thanks ! ^0^